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Recommended restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo this time is Takumi Makoto Sushi.

Takumi Makoto Sushi|Feature Reference

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TripAdvisorTakumi Makoto Sushi(score:4.5)
Name匠 誠
Hours Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun
6:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Tue, Thur, Sat
Lunch >> 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Dinner >> 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM

BudgetLunch: ¥2,000〜up
Dinner: ¥20,000〜up
Address 4-1-9 Shinjuku | Shinjuku Youth Bldg. PAX 6F, Shinjuku 160-0022, Tokyo Prefecture
HolidaySunday; Holidays
AccessShinjuku Station
Seats 9
CardCredit Cards Accepted

Access from the Station

The restuarant’s location is about 251 meters away from Shinjuku station. Upon getting off at the station, go straight to Miraina Gate/Exit and walk for 1 – 2 minutes to get there.

If you are coming from Shinjuku-Sanchome Station on the Fukutoshin Line, it’ll probably take 3 – 4 minutes to reach the restaurant’s place.

How to Book

It is best to call the restaurant if you want to make an advance reservation. Just dial the restaurant’s hotline number and ask for accommodation.

It is highly recommended to book at least a month in advance to get a secured seat!


The Noren (traditional Japanese fabric divider) which is visible in the picture changes each time and could be, white, blue, red sometimes. The restaurant’s name is in 2 Kanji characters and there is no English sub-label to it.

The passage going to the entrance of the shop may be a little dark but still very easy to pass through. This style is very common for highly established and best-ranked sushi restaurants here in Japan.


The dining area has a comfortable ambiance for everyone inside although some would think it might be a little boring due to the lack of deets. The place is a bit secluded but you won’t feel suffocated at all.

There are only 9 available seat accommodation for the guests so it is not overcrowded at all! The restaurant is quite famous for local Japanese people and gradually to foreign guests as the number increases each time.

Recommended Menu

Just sit back and relax while waiting for the Omakase menu t be served right in front of you! The sushi course is undoubtedly delicious and high-quality! It may be a bit pricey but the taste will guarantee 100% satisfaction after you finished the whole meal.

Additional Information

Recommended when eating alone, with a friend/co-worker, and for dating.

You may want to contact the shop for private accommodations like birthday celebrations, company parties, and etc.

Available drinks: Shochu; Sake

People’s Review

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Extraordinary sushi lineups at Takumi Makoto, in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. One of newly opened sushi bars, began since February 2017, but the master has a long experience as a sushi chef in the famous sushi restaurant "Sushi Sho" in Yotsuya, Tokyo. The summer season's neta(materials) are cooked and holded in various style. And you can enjoy them with very good performance of cost. Must go! 新宿の鮨店「匠誠」を初訪問。すし匠系の新しいお店ですが腕も接客もさすがの一言。ラインアップは以下の通り。 ワカメと海ブドウ アサリ煮 アイナメとハタ 小ヤリイカ印籠詰め 石垣貝 カツオ 炙り ・酒「石鎚夏吟醸」=愛媛県 春子鯛 アオリイカ 胡麻鯖 塩じめ 煮だこ 岩もずく コハダ(酒粕つかった赤シャリで) 馬刺し握り ・酒「屋守(おくのかみ)」東京都東村山市 鮑 小メロン たまり醤油漬 鰯 ところてん あたり胡麻と蓴菜(じゅんさい)を鰹節で 車海老 黄身酢の朧まぶし 毛ガニ蒸し 金時草おひたし ・酒「一夏の恋」宮城県 煮蛤(にはまぐり) トウモロコシすり流し 湯葉と藻塩で 狭腰(サゴシ、鰆の子)の昆布締め 稚鮎(ちあゆ、滋賀県琵琶湖産)焼き ダイコンたまり醤油漬け ・酒「石鎚 夏純米」愛媛県 ボタンエビ 海老塩で ボタンエビの頭の焼きもの バフンウニ(北海道利尻産) 生海苔と桜海老の茶碗蒸し 中トロ漬け 穴子(神奈川県金沢八景産)を煮つめで 凝縮しじみ汁 うまかったっちゃん(^^)! また行く! #匠誠 #すし #新宿 #すし匠 #すし匠系 #sushi #shinjuku #tokyo #takumimakoto #foodie #dinner #sake #japanesefood #japanesesake #sashimi #fish

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