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Recommended restaurant in Shibuya this time is Sushi Zanmai.

Brief Background:
Sushi Zanmai was established in 1979 and has been operating for 39 years. The main branch is located in Tsukiji, a district in Tokyo that is famously known for its fish market.

It has now 54 stores all over Japan, having a total of 1,600 employees. Focusing on fresh seafood ingredients, this sushi shop is very famous not only for the locals but also for travelers from other countries.

Sushi Zanmai|Feature Reference

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TripAdvisorSushi Zanmai(score:4)
Hours 24/7
Budget¥1000 ~ (day)
¥3000 ~ (night)
Address2 Chome-22-11 Shibuya, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0002
AccessJR Yamanote line – Shibuya station
Seats 69
SmokingSelected area: 1st floor (non-smoking)
2nd floor ( 9AM to 5PM [non-smoking] & 5PM to 9AM [smoking] )
CardCredit Cards Accepted

Access from the Station

The place is conveniently situated for approximately, 2-minute walk from JR East Shibuya station.

Footbridge just near the bus stop in Shibuya

Found the nearest exit – Shibuya station exit 14A and just two minutes away on foot. The place is conveniently situated for approximately, 2-minute walk from JR East Shibuya station.

How to Book

For bookings/reservations, please call the restaurant’s hotline number +81-3-5468-7339 and you can ask for seat reservation.


〜 Sushi Zanmai: Shibuya Store 〜

A very typical building and the exterior has a lot of sushi options from the menu guide so customers can choose even before going inside the restaurant. Reservation is also recommended so better reserve early to avoid the hassle of lining up.

The restaurant’s name is displayed in Hiragana characters and fortunately, there is an English translation for it.


〜 Counter Seating 〜

The ambiance is just like the others, typical and just enough space to move in and out. For those who are dining alone, counter seats will be the best choice for a faster and more convenient spot for eating.

Also, the place is good for dating though it is always crowded especially during peak hours. The customers are not only locals but you can also see a lot of foreigners.

Recommended Menu

This sushi platter will surely give you that satisfying sushi experience here in Japan! The best part is having a wide selection of seafood menus for their customers to choose from. Aside from that, they also offer drinks such as Japanese sake (of different kinds) and wines.

Additional Information

Free WIFI access!

Also available for take-out.

Recommended when eating alone, with friends, with co-workers, with family, and for dating.

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