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Recommended restaurant in Roppongi this time is Sushi Yuu.

Sushi Yuu|Feature Reference

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TripAdvisor Sushi Yuu (score:5)
Name 鮨 由う
Hours Lunch 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Dinner 5:30 – 11:00 PM

(Lunch is on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturdays for the month of April.)

AddressLandroppongi Bldg.B1 | 4-5-11 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
HolidaySundays and public holidays
AccessRoppongi Station
Seats 12
CardCredit Cards Accepted

Access from the Station

Sushi Yu is located about 3 minutes away from exit 6 of Oedo line – Roppongi station, and 4 minutes on foot from Roppongi station – Hibiya Line 4a Exit.

How to Book

Customers can book a month in advanced depending on the availability of the seats. Booking can be done online at and via phone call.


The building looks like ordinary because of its unfurnished texture and free from any extravagant deets. Aside from its black accent on top that goes the same with the doorway, there is nothing special about it.

You need to take two consecutive 10-step stairs before you can reach the main entrance area of Sushi Yuu.

The sushi restaurant’s name is in Japanese writing with a lamp over it. Behind the sturdy blue door is another sliding door similar to any affordable high-end sushi restaurants.

For obvious reason, the staff will let you in once it is exactly 5:30 PM in the afternoon and will help you put all your luggage and coat at the storage area.


Upon entering the store, I was not surprised to see the simplicity of the entire place. The counter table is surrounded by side chairs that are comfortable enough to sit on.

It was clearly a place like no other! Sitting at the counter area is actually a fortunate place to be in because you can watch the chefs prepare all sushi dishes right in front of your own eyes.

The ambiance was also as comfortable as I thought it’d be. Good thing was, the master chef was very humorous and perhaps loves to talk while serving the customers so the night went on without a hint of boredom!

Recommended Menu

Omakase style is what the restaurant serves for all of the customers. each dish is carefully prepared by the masters of the sushi house.

Corn soy milk tofu was served first as an appetizer. Then we started enjoying Seaweed with ponzu, Aji fish, fresh Oyster, Caviar-uni-crab sushi in one, Takenoko,Sawara fish, Kasugo thai fish, Chawanmush with seaweed and rice, Ika with egg (my favorite), Masu fish, Akami maguro and etc.

We were told that from 20kgs maguro, only 30% of its part is kotoro, so imagine how lucky we were to taste the delicious part of it. Then we continued eating Ankimo roll, Hotaru ika, Kohada, Shiro ebi with button ebi miso, Murasaki Uni, Tamagoyaki with sesame oil and seaweed, Anago, Torigai, Fugo shirakura, and Fuku maki.

I have only one word to describe my experience dining at Sushi Yuu: “SUPERB!”

Additional Information

Recommended when eating alone, with a friend, with a co-worker, and for dating.

Private room is also available good for 2 – 4 people.

It is highly advised not to wear/put strong perfumes to avoid getting refused upon entering the restaurant.

People’s Review

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・ ・ 名物 #プリン巻き あん肝リゾットだからプリン体すごいw 全部美味しかった❤︎ ・ ・ 今日からまた節制生活〜 ・ ・ #sushi #japanesefood #instafood #foodstagram #dinner #roopongi #tokyo #delicious #yummy #寿司スタグラム #鮨由う #六本木 #美味しい #グルメ #ミシュラン #

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鮨 由う at 六本木. . 二枚目の写真は #照寿司 ver 見た目は派手だが味は繊細 プリン巻き(鮟肝巻き)は重そうな見た目とは裏腹に鮟肝、シャリ、山葵、きゅうり、海苔の一体感が素晴しい! 縞鰺は津本式で〆て寝かせたりと、随所にこだわりがあった。 小肌も美味かったなー。楽しい鮨会、ご馳走さまでした. . . Chef Ozaki learns sushi technique from not only a practical training but also youtube, instagram and something like that. The sushi was creative, experimental(some dishes), fresh and professionally prepared. Highly recommended . Michelin 1-star (2019) Tabelog Rating 4.06 / 5.00 . *牛乳と生クリームととうもろこしの豆腐 *太刀魚 *筍醤油焼き *ウニと蟹の海苔包み *春子鯛の昆布締め *墨烏賊 *縞鰺 津本式 〆 て4日目 *長崎県の藁で燻した鰆 福井の和がらし *トラフグの白子丼 蟹の身とあんかけ *プリン巻き と奈良漬 *赤身漬け ニュージーランド産 *中トロ *小肌 芝海老の朧 *北海道 北紫ウニ *たま. *帆立軍艦 (煮てほぐした帆立) *対馬の穴子 *お椀 *福巻き. . #白子がハート型 . . #鮨由う #sushiyuu #六本木 #六本木グルメ #鮨 #寿司 #すし #おすし #sushistagram #tuna #sushi #japanesefoodie #tokyoeats #tokyorestaurants #wheretoeattokyo #tokyofoodie # #sushi #tokyosushi #roppongi #鮪 #プリン巻き #ふぐ #白子

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