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Recommended restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo this time is Sushi Tatsu.

Sushi Tatsu|Feature Reference

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TripAdvisorSushi Tatsu(score:3.5)
Hours5:00 PM – 12:30 AM
Address1-2-7 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo Prefecture
HolidaySunday; Public Holidays
AccessShinjuku-nishiguchi Station
Seats 23
CardCredit Cards Accepted

Access from the Station

This sushi restaurant is situated in a very convenient area and you can see Uniqlo as the nearest landmark to get to the area. Walking distance from the station is about 97 meters and it is just 2 minutes away.

How to Book

For bookings/reservations, please call the restaurant’s hotline number +81-3-3342-0740.


This is how one of the hidden gems in Shinjuku looks like. Despite the simplicity from the outside, an unforgettable sushi experience truly awaits once you get in.

The building looks sturdy and well-kept with a black cloth covering the entrance which has a mahogany portal on it. Although the restaurant’s name is displayed in Japanese, it wont be a hassle for every foreign visitor as it is really close to the station.


A view from the inside of the restaurant. It has ar table being surrounded with comfortable chairs that you can lean your back after. It is a bit snuggy but not a big issue among diners here.

The dining area has a classy and very comfortable ambiance which becomes more exciting as the chef is so entertaining and surely, the customers could feel more relaxed. No disturbing noise from the guests and the master chef of the house is really entertaining.

Recommended Menu

Since it also offers Omakase style menu, the customers need not worry about what to order because the food will be served accordingly. Please take note that the fish served depends on every season so the menu may change every 3 months or so.

The taste of sushi in this restaurant is so uniquely refreshing! It gives every customer the chance to experience high-quality fish meat topped on well-cooked rice.

You can also order additional menu, side dish and other beverages you like after savoring the different types of sushi prepared by the sushi master of the house.

Additional Information

Recommended when eating alone, with a friend, with a co-worker, and for dating.

It is highly advised not to wear/put strong perfumes to avoid getting refused upon entering the restaurant.

People’s Review

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