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Recommended restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo this time is Sushi Take.

Tabelog’s bronze awardee for 3 consecutive years (2017, 2018, & 2019) and a very famous Edomae-style sushi restaurant!

Sushi Take|Feature Reference

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TripAdvisorSushi Take(score:4.5)
Name 鮨竹
Hours5:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Address7-6-5 Ginza | Ishii Kishuya Bldg 4F, Chuo 104-0061, Tokyo Prefecture
AccessGinza Station
CardCredit Cards Accepted

Access from the Station

Sushi Take is really accessible and it is situated just 5 minutes away from the nearest A1 Exit of Ginza Station (Tokyo Metro).

How to Book

Customers can book a week in advance or even a month before depending on the availability of the seats. Booking can be done via phone call.


The exterior of the building appears to be in plain light theme, with sturdy wood accents that serve as door frame which emphasized its sophisticated touch.

Sushi Take’s name is displayed in Japanese characters being perfectly printed on a navy-blue colored Japanese fabric right above the entrance/exit area. Don’t worry about long lines or queue as the number of guests are already counted on a daily basis.


The interior theme is very simple in style with no luxury accents at all and there are some hangers provided on the wall for customers who wish to remove their coats while eating.

The dining area has a wooden long L-shaped counter table surrounded with 8 comfortable counter seats covered in white. The ambiance expresses a Japanese culture vibe with the entertaining preparations done by the chefs of this sushi restaurant.

Recommended Menu

The sushi menu is in Omakase stlye – or chef’s recommendation so you don’t need to order one by one. BYOB or bring your own bottle is also allowed if you do not wish to order drinks from the restaurant.

Additional Information

The restaurant is not suitable for children.

Recommended when eating alone, with a friend, with a co-worker, and for dating.

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