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Recommended restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo this time is Sakanatori.

Sakanatori|Feature Reference

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Hours11:30 AM – 2:30 PM
5:30 PM – 12:00 MN
Address1-3 Maruyamacho | 2f, Shibuya 150-0044, Tokyo Prefecture
AccessShibuya Station
Seats 40
CardCC Accepted

Access from the Station

The distance from the nearest station is 303 meters. Get off at Shibuya station, head to the nearest 3a exit, and take a 5-minute walk to get there.

How to Book

Booking of the restaurant is possible thru online reservation and also over the phone!

The reservation must be done at least a day in advance to get a secure spot or you can also call the restaurant directly to confirm about the seat availability.


The restaurant’s appearance from the outside view is very impressive. It is a combination of wood, black frames, and red bricks. The shop’s name can be seen at the center spot but it is only in Japanese characters.

I like how neat-looking the place is! It may appear to be secluded but the surrounding has a positive vibe from the outside.


As for seat accommodation, the restaurant has 40 seats in total and the style is very stylish from small table seats, round table and seats, and the sofa/eide style table and seats.

A cozy and well-organized dining area awaits for those who are visiting the place and it really gives a relaxing feels.

Recommended Menu

This is just one of the available sushi platters from the restaurant’s recommended menu. One thing that this restaurant does not disappoint is the freshness of the fish meat, and the unforgettable aftertaste.

Additional Information

Recommended when eating alone, with family, friends, co-workers, and for dating.

Private dining rooms available for 8 guests, and 10 – 20 guests.

The restaurant offers private accommodation for parties and other celebrations good for 20 – 50 guests.

People’s Review

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【#ばらちらし丼 /#肴とり 】 💴500円 前回マグロ丼、今日はばらちらし🐟 タコ、マグロ、いくら、イカ、光物の魚、玉子が入ってます。 揚げ玉のサクサク食感、タコのコリコリ食感、マグロのねっとりした食感など口の中が騒がしいし、味に飽きなくて良い👄 雲丹も一口だけだけど美味しかった一瞬だけ贅沢気分(笑) たった500円でこんなにお腹いっぱいになるから本当に男女共にオススメします❣️ 今日もカニ汁はおかわり&待ち時間に飲める甘酒は絶対みんなも飲んでね❣️ あやこさん&ねねさんとランチ! 新年、今までランチしたことない先輩達といっぱいランチ行けて嬉しい〜🤤 #なひログ #渋谷ランチ #魚ランチ #道玄坂ランチ #道玄坂 #丼ぶり #渋谷 #ワンコインランチ #人気店 #渋谷グルメ

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