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Recommended restaurant in Toyosu this time is Ryu Sushi.

Ryu Sushi|Feature Reference

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TripAdvisor Ryu Sushi (score:3.5)
Name 龍寿司
Hours6:30 AM ~ 2:00 PM
Address6-6-1 | Toyosu Market 3F, Toyosu, Koto 135-0061, Tokyo Prefecture
HolidaySunday holidays and market holidays
AccessShijo Mae Station
Seats 12
CardNot Accepted

Access from the Station

Ryu Sushi is located a little close to the subway station. Get off at Shijo-Mae Station and walk like you are having a great exercise routine in the early morning. The estimated travel time on foot is about 5 minutes.

How to Book

Ryu Sushi is not accepting advanced seat reservation at the moment. You may contact the shop for further questions about the place.


The restaurant has a light theme color on the outside. White fabric dividers can be seen with the restaurant’s name on it both in Japanese writings and English language.

There are also some of the menu displayed on the wall so you can have an idea on what to order even before entering the shop.

Long lines can be observed although it is a little less than the ever famous Sushi Dai here in Toyosu Market. Highly recommended to visit here very early so you can have a guaranteed seat.


Having only 12 counter seats available, this sushi house has a very limited space and that’s exactly why it is queuing most of the time. Glass display can be seen at the counter area with some fresh fish meat in it.

Though this place has a limited space, the ambiance never gets boring nor uncomfortable. You could feel very relaxed while enjoying your food and drinks at the same time!

Recommended Menu

Fresh sushi and sashimi platters await all of the visiting customers. Also, you can order your preferred drinks that can match their platters made with such expertise!

Additional Information

Recommended when eating alone, with a friend, with a co-worker, and for dating.

There is no private dining room here.

It is highly advised to visit the restaurant earlier than the opening time to avoid the struggle of lining up.

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