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Recommended restaurant in Ebisu this time is Nikuzushi.

Nikuzushi|Feature Reference

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TripAdvisor Nikuzushi (score:4)
Name 恵比寿横丁 肉寿司
Hours3 PM – 5 AM
TEL+81 3-3444-7005
Address1-7-4 Ebisu | Ebisu Yokocho Daiichi Kyoei Bldg., Shibuya 150-0013, Tokyo Prefecture
HolidayIrregular holiday
AccessEbisu Station
Seats 38
CardCredit Cards Accepted

Access from the Station

Nikuzushi is conveniently located near the subway station. Get off at JR Ebisu station and take the west exit. The estimated travel time on foot is about 2 – 3 minutes, and same goes if you are coming from Ebisu Hibiya line.

How to Book

Customers can book a week in advance or even a day before depending on the availability of the seats. Booking can be done over phone so don’t hesitate to call the restaurant’s hotline number if you wish to reserve.


The appearance is quite the opposite of what the typical sushi restaurant looks like here in Japan. It looks more like a tavern with a minimal space. There are a lot of colorful stuff that make the place more vibrant. The stationary glass window also gives a fuller view of the inside and vice versa.

Long line is not an issue since the restaurant caters booking prior to coming here.


There are a total of 38 seats available for customers accommodation. If you wish to get a secured spot, in is highly recommended to book in advance. The interior is like izakaya with some Japanese writings on the wall.

Although the place is often crowded, it stays comfortable and with lots of positive vibes. I think it’s perfect to hang out with friends or co-workers here.

Recommended Menu

The restaurant specializes in horse, beef, duck and other raw meat. If you are into meat, this place will surely become your new heaven. The freshness of the meat has a truly satisfying taste and it does not contain any foul smell.

Additional Information

Private accommodation is also possible.

Recommended when eating alone, with friends, with co-workers, and for dating.

People’s Review

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瑛太さんとガッキーが火曜サプライズで行った#恵比寿横丁 の#肉寿司 に食べに行った(笑) おいしかった!🤤 生肉おいしい!🤩 超おすすめ!😋 でも一人で行ったので 誰にもこのおいしさをわかってもらえない😢 ちょっと寂しい😢 みんなにも食べてほしいかった😣 また食べたい! でも香港ではなかなか食べられない😢 Having #rawmeat #sushi at #nikusushi in #ebisu Really love this delicacy! But because I went there alone, so no one was able to understand how touch I was when the meat melt in my mouth! #latergram #恵比寿 #meatsushi #Japan #日本#東京#tokyo #travel#旅行#旅#TRIP#トラベル #ポムプリの旅シリーズ #ポムプリのグルメシリーズ #Pompompurin #Purin #Sanrio #布丁狗 #布甸狗 #ポムポムプリン #ポムプリ #プリン #サンリオ

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