Hokake Sushi in Ginza | Information and Reviews

Recommended restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo this time is Hokake Sushi.

Tabelog’s 2019 bronze awardee and a very famous Edomae-style sushi restaurant!

Hokake Sushi|Feature Reference

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TripAdvisor Hokake Sushi (score:4)
Name ほかけ
Hours 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM
4:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Address1F Ginryo Bldg. | 4-10-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
HolidaySunday; Public Holidays,
(3rd Saturday of the month)
AccessHigashi Ginza Station
CardCredit Cards Accepted

Access from the Station

Hokake Sushi is conveniently located just about 103 meters away from Higashi-Ginza Station. Upon getting off the station, take the nearest A11 exit and you’ll reach the place for approximately 2 minutes on foot.

How to Book

Customers can book a week in advance or even a month before depending on the availability of the seats. Booking can be done online via phone call.


The exterior of the building appears to be in plain light theme, with bamboo accents that serves as the frame of the wall and as well as the windows.

Hokake Sushi’s name is displayed in Japanese characters being perfectly carved on a huge black and sturdy-looking piece facing the entrance of the building. The entrance/exit door is also covered with a long navy-blue Japanese fabric divider or commonly known as “Noren”.

Don’t worry about long lines or queue as the number of guests are already counted on a daily basis.


The interior theme is very simple in style with not so much accents and some frames with Japanese handwritings displayed on the wall.

The dining area has a wooden long L-shaped counter table surrounded with bar stools and there is also a private room area which is good for 4 people.

The ambiance expresses a Japanese culture vibe with an entertaining preparations done by the chefs of this sushi restaurant.

Recommended Menu

The sushi menu is in Omakase style – or chef’s recommendation so you don’t need to order one by one. BYOB or bring your own bottle is also allowed if you do not wish to order drinks from the restaurant.

Additional Information

The restaurant is not suitable for children.

Recommended when eating alone, with a friend, with a co-worker, and for dating.

People’s Review

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東京都銀座【ほかけ】戦前から続く老舗 3代目矢崎親方は80歳オーバーの名人 ビシッとされてます ここは「おまかせ」はなく ネタケースから選ぶ「お好み」オンリー. . . アルコールなし テンポよく大将にコールし 会話も特になく 握りのみ15貫 サクッと食って 2.4諭吉ほど…. 滞在時間は30分ちょい 贅沢な30分🤤. . . #江戸前寿司 #寿司 #鮨 #シースー #グルメ

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